ATT Premium NCK and iPhone Services

All AT&T Premium Service including iPhone and NCK are presently offline Any pending order will be replied or rejected in 24 hours.  We do not have an ETA when services will be back but we will send update to all when available again. You can still request codes through manufacture methods such as; Blackberry...

Order History Glitch

Order history has a glitch and will be fixed as soon as possible. The order history is not gone, it is redirecting to wrong location.  Only the developer can fix and has taken longer than we hoped to fix. 

ATT Clean Service (NON iPhone)

This service is currently experiencing delays from AT&T.  It is a worldwide issue for Clean NCK codes. If you need the codes fast please use Factory Services, like LG Worldwide, ZTE Worldwide, HTC Worldwide ETC. Current delivery time on Clean NCK is around 5-7 Working Days.  We expect ATT will fix the issue soon but...

ATT CLEAN Service (Denied: NOT ATT)

We have noticed recently that ATT randomly denies some known ATT IMEI as NOT ATT If this happens to your order, wait 48 Hours and try again.  We have tried this manually and those denied IMEI have been approved after 2-3 attempts. Be sure that the IMEI is ATT before resubmitting, otherwise you may get a false Unlock...

Sprint iPhone Economy Unlock Service

Sprint iPhone Economy Unlock services are now 1-5 Business Days. Due to cheaper pricing, the volume has increased and source is now running batches 2-3x per week! You can save alot of $ and potentital clients by offering cheaper price for slighly reduced speed compared to express. 

USA Sprint Unpaid Bills Premium Service

Final submit went out this morning for Sprint Unpaid Bills Premium Service. The service will reactivate after New Years when service is back online again. Happy Holidays!

ATT Clean NCK and iPhone

ATT Clean iPhone and NCK Code, is globally down. ATT is doing updates since Thursday 12/15 We expect the updates will complete before Monday and orders will start returning early next week. Please be patient as there is nothing anyone can do to speed this up.

USA T-Mobile Financed/Premium Services

Submit for Premium/Financed T-Mobile iPhone models has closed for Holidays. It will resume again on 1/2/17  Any pending orders are in process and will complete before the new year.  T-Mobile Clean iPhone without Financing is still open for submit, only Financed is offline. Happy Holidays!

T-Mobile iPhone Clean Unlock Services

Currently the cheaper source for "Clean only" iPhone services is very overloaded. We removed the services temporarily until they finish the backlog. The Clean + Financed Services are still working and running faster. Orders from 11/3 are done as of 11/10. There are a few iPhone 7 that are delayed from October, all...

Samsung Canada & USA are back ONLINE

Please note that these services just became available again. We expect high volume will cause some delays initially. Samsung USA both MetroPCS and T-Mobile Unlock APP Models are NOT SUPPORTED. If you order one of these models a code will be produced and supplier will not refund us under any circumstances.  Prior to placing an...

HTC Exclusive Service Added

HTC 2009-2016 Exclusive Service added.  This database is very updated but may have some not founds.  If you receive a not found try the other databases. 

T-Mobile Unlock APP Unstable Pricing

Currently this service is being heavily regulated and limited qty can be done. Therefore sources have raised price to reduce volume.  Hopefully within a week or two the price will stabalize. 

Alcatel Instant Services Fixed

Alcatel Instant Services are back online.  If your model & provider ID is not listed in the drop down menus, then use the Not Found Service.  If you choose the wrong model/provider ID you will get wrong codes.

Samsung Factory Services (OFFLINE)

Samsung Factory Services are all presently OFFLINE. We will re-activate when Samsung Server is finished with maintenance. Samsung Canada, Europe, USA, Worldwide (All OFFLINE Worldwide) Please use Network Services to get Samsung Codes. AT&T NCK, ATT Samsung Premium, Bell NCK, Rogers NCK, Telus NCK Etc.