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Q10/Z10 8 Digit Code Method

Note: This method is used when the MEP2 or MEP4 code fails on the Blackberry Q10/Z10. The phone must have attempts remaining. 0 Attempts will not unlock with this method.

Sample Network Unlock Code: MEP2:1234567890123456 (This is a sample code for instructions, do NOT use this code on your phone)

1) Power on the phone with a not accepted SIM Card
2) Go to; Settings > Security and Privacy > SIM Card
3) Unlock Network
4) Enter Network Unlock Code, Sample Network Code:1234567890123456
5) Select "OK"
6) Phone will display “Invalid MEP Code Attemps Remaining 9”
7) Enter the first 8 digits of the Network Unlock Code, Sample 8 Digit Network Code:12345678
8) Select "OK"
9) Phone will display "Network Code entered Successfully"

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Model: Q10/Z10

OS: 10 

Issue: Some units after unlocking receive the message "Network Code Entered Successfully" but the Network is still locked. 

Solution: Follow the instructions below to reinstall the OS and re-attempt unlocking after the install.


Download BB Link below




Follow instructions below


Warning: The following procedure will delete all data and applications on the BlackBerry device. If possible, back up the data prior to performing the procedure. For information on how to back up data from the BlackBerry 10 smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, see KB33526.

Before proceeding, download and install (or update to) the latest version of BlackBerry Link found at www.blackberry.com/blackberrylink.

To reload the BlackBerry 10 OS or BlackBerry PlayBook OS, complete the following steps:

BlackBerry Link version (Windows):

  1. Open BlackBerry Link.

  2. Ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.

  3. Power off the BlackBerry 10 smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

  4. Connect the device to the computer via the USB cable.

  5. Under the Devices heading, click the device name when it is displayed.

  6. Click Preferences at the top-right.

  7. Under the General heading, click Reload Device Software.

  8. Click the Reload button.

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