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IMEI Service

Verizon - ESN Cleaning (All Models)

Caution: This service WILL remove "Lost/Stolen" status to activate on Verizon.
It is NOT guaranteed the phone will work on other GSM Networks. (Users have reported in 1-2 weeks working overseas)
It is NOT a Sim UNLOCK. (Most Verizon phones are Factory Unlocked.)
It will NOT remove past due bills.
Delivery: 2-5 Days {Average}
Lost/Stolen: Yes checkesn
MEID ESN: 14 Numeric Digits {Example: 990001234567890}
Model: All (Excluding Note 7)
Network: Verizon Wireless
Past Due Bill: No
**To get the MEID just remove the Last digit of the IMEI # to make it 14 digits.**

2-5 days

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