AT&T/Cingular - Sony Ericsson/Xperia

Code: NCK {Network}, NCSK, SPK, CCK, ESL
Delivery: Tuesday
Hardlocked: No {How to check if hardlocked below}
Model: All
Network: AT&T/Cingular
Submit Time: Monday 12PM PST
SIMLock Check:
Phones manufactured 2011+ 
1. Power on phone
Phones manufacture 2010-
1. Power on the phone
2. Key Sequences: Menu Back Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back
3. Select "Service Info"
4. Check each lock "Network, Network Subset, Service Provider, Corporate, and Sim"
[ ] = Not Locked 
[0] = Hard Locked
[#] = Number of attempts left
[*] = Locked

1-7 days

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