Blackberry Q10/Z10 (Unlock Code Fail) Troubleshooting

Blackberry Q10/Z10 (Unlock Code Fail) Troubleshooting

    Q10/Z10 8 Digit Code Method

    Note: This method is used when the MEP2 or MEP4 code fails on the Blackberry Q10/Z10. The phone must have attempts remaining. 0 Attempts will not unlock with this method.

    Sample Network Unlock Code: MEP2:1234567890123456 (This is a sample code for instructions, do NOT use this code on your phone)

    1) Power on the phone with a not accepted SIM Card
    2) Go to; Settings > Security and Privacy > SIM Card
    3) Unlock Network
    4) Enter Network Unlock Code, Sample Network Code:1234567890123456
    5) Select "OK"
    6) Phone will display “Invalid MEP Code Attemps Remaining 9”
    7) Enter the first 8 digits of the Network Unlock Code, Sample 8 Digit Network Code:12345678
    8) Select "OK"
    9) Phone will display "Network Code entered Successfully"

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