AT&T - (All Models) (Clean Checker) (+ Unlock if Clean)

This tool charges for ALL IMEI. If the IMEI is clean it will Unlock it. If the IMEI is not clean it will reply with the reason it can not be unlocked and you will be charged. 
Below are some sample responses from service, There is NO REFUND for IMEI that are not clean.
Country: USA
Delivery: 1-24 Hours (Average)
*Phones requiring NCK Code (Non iPhone Models) generally take longer than iPhones.
Manufacture: All
Model: All
Network: AT&T 
Sample Replies with Reason
(Active on Account) = Phone is currently an active line on AT&T customers account. 
(In Contract) = AT&T Contract Service. Normally 2 years from activation or sooner if commitment is paid in full prior.
(Please submit after 14 Days) = Device was recently upgraded and must wait 14 day grace period.
(Prepaid) = AT&T GoPhone Prepaid 6 Month Service Commitment. Must be active for 6 Months before Eligible.
(Service Agreement) = AT&T Next Financing program. The phone is not eligible until all Financing payments are paid.
(Unknown IMEI) = The IMEI is not recognized by AT&T system. It could be a Non AT&T Phone, Replaced, or less than 60 days old.

Price : $0.25USD