MetroPCS / T-Mobile / Verizon - Samsung (All Models Except - A Models, Note 9/10/20, S9/S10/S20/Ultra) (Unlock APP By USB)

*A remote technician will walk you through the whole process. There is no technical knowledge needed to use this service.

**Just order the IMEI you want to unlock and you will receive full instructions on how to chat directly with technician to walk you through the unlock process. Make sure you have the phone in hand, a windows computer with internet connection and a USB cable, nothing else is needed. 

***Blacklisted IMEI will not work in USA (Lost/Stolen)



1) Your Samsung must be MetroPCS or T-Mobile

2) The IMEI you submit must be of the phone you want to unlock

3) You must have the phone you want to unlock in hand

4) You must have a USB Cable and a Windows Computer to perform Software Unlock

5) You must have stable internet connection

6) The service runs 9AM-5PM EST. Outside of these times, there will not be a technician online to perform the unlock

7) Your phone may require a master reset after unlock is done to complete unlock. We suggest you make a BACKUP prior to unlock if you have information to save.



Step 1: Order the MetroPCS or T-Mobile IMEI you want to unlock on our site

Step 2: Download USB Redirecter Here

Step 3: We will email you a link back with step by step instructions to connect to remote technician

*The instructions will include link to chat directly with live technician to walk you through the whole process

Step 4: Wait for remote technician to connect and then connect your phone to usb to unlock :)


If your model requires Debug mode, you can watch youtube link below for instructions on how to put into debug mode

Step 5:


​Supported models:

All Except - A Models, Note 10/+, S10/+/e, S20/+/Ultra


​Supported networks:



Price : $25USD